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Rose’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Nov 2006

Location: Bremen, Germany

MapSo, a bit of catching up to do here...

Left Prague last Monday. My plan was to go straight to Bremen, however, what should happen, but I get a mysterious sms late monday night. Even in german, its writing style is unmistakable- Tony Albrecht is in town :) So, Tony (cello from the con Tony) is living in hamburg atm, and my train passes through, so plans are changed to accommodate a few days in Hamburg!

---Hamburg and Tony---

Was lovely to catch up with a newcastle chum! Tony is doing really well, working, playing and a german learning. Had some fun Hamburg adventures. While he was a german school, I went a wandering. Highlights were an incredible church, which was bombed and only the steeple and shell remain. Theres a few amazing and beautiful statues in it, and was such a beautiful, albeit a little sad, as it was bombed to such a state, feeling about the place.
The Hamburg Rathaus (Town hall) is I think the biggest in Germany. Could be wrong, but in any case, it's mighty big. Has 7 more rooms than Buckingham Palace. The Lonely Planet said the tours there were very good, and, at a mere 2 Euro I thought I'd give it a go. My germans getting there, but I prefer for these sorts of things to take the english option. It appears, however, that on that day no other english speaking lads or lasses had been gripped by the desire to tour the Rathaus, and so, rather amusingly, I had a private tour of the Rathaus!! Suprised they ran it at all, considering the normal size of a tour is about 40. So, Petra (my guide) and I set of on the best value private tour I am encountered! And it was all so intersting! Not really that old, built at the turn of the century (last one of course), the rathaus somehow excaped being bombed to pieces- the closest attack being a grenade in a window that left a hole through a chandelier. That was in the 'we built a channel to connect the baltic and north (?) sea' theme room, and as such had pictures of various ports around the world, so there was a kangaroo scultped into the roof. Sweet. Other favourite was a wooden table carved out of a stump of oak the found on the site. they think it was a foundation of a monastery from 13thish century that used to be there. hamburg, along with Bremen and Berlin, are both States and Cities, so the Rathaus is like state parliament.

Then off to Bremen again. Stayed with Gordon, and sang at crazy gig. Saw a show that one of the guys fromthe choir was in...really good, and could understand about 70 percent of the german which was exciting. Just lots of hanging out with lovely choir people. :) So it is now Wednesday, and since Monday I have been doing officially nothing. I am staying at the house of one of the guys from the choir, except hes not actually here (so I get his room teehee). His mother is divine and invited me to stay for as long as I need, and I wasn't feeling my most healthy, so I am here, mostly reading and sleeping! Magic.
Tommorrow I head of to magdeburg, to visit daniel, who normally lives in this room I am currently living in. His share house is having an Oscar Wilde night. Who could miss an Oscar Wilde night in Magdeburg, the Skinhead capital of Germany. hehe. After that, Dresden and Berlin methinks. Not sure.

Hope everyone is grand and happy, sending hugs from across the world xx