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Rose’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 23 Nov 2006

Location: Berlin, Germany

Maphehe....I found free internet again. Hurruh and joy.
So, I am in Berline still, which is a glorious place.

....The Walking....

I walk to much. Walking is not bad, but i get distracted with aimless wanderings, and end up walking for 6 or 8 hours, and not even neccesarily where there are impressive things to see. I got lost on Tuesday and am now quite well acquainted with the suburbs. Still, interesting cty looks. Hoever, my knees got very cold and are now and bit screwed. And really I havent done alllll that much in berlin, as I have walked so much. No fear, and shall return so no need to feel guilty.

....Oper Unten den Linden....

The opera. Oh hurruh and glory be. Saw Donizetti lelixir damore. was soooooo good. I skipped home (thats 40 mins of skipping...sorry knees) Think Ive already written about my bizaarre learning how tutus are made night. And I went to ballet last night. You know, I have never actually beeen to the ballet. It was phenomenal! It was sooo unbelievably good. I need to get me into some ballet. whats taken me so long. Tis very interesting to watch something that is, in a few ways, opera similar, but something which as yet I know nothing about and also in a million years could never do, so i dont dsit there with a derange, diva crazed stare, rocking and muttering 'it could be me it coiuld me me....' (for the record, i dont actually do that).

.....jewish museum....

Went there today. Very interesting. The poor Jews really have had a shit of a time. They do museums in europe very well, always very interactive. 3 cheers.

well, I am flying off to estonia tommorrow to visit a welshman I met in Oz. hehe. up there for 5 days, then fly back to berlin, then back to salzburg for the final festival of the mozart year (as he dies on the 5th...awwww).

Hope everything at home is ticketty boo, love to you, rosie roo