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Rose’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Dec 2006

Location: salzburg, Austria

MapWell looky there...shes in salzburg again, glory be!

But first...Latvia....

00:30- Rose, Tom and 2 other Welshies catch the 5 hour bus to Riga, Latvia.

5:30- The 4 arrive. Tis dark and cold and all is closed and no one has slept. So far this is ok...we expected as much.

5:30-8:00- wander around. No one about. Find a statue of the Bremer bizarre. Turns out Riga was founded by a Bremener.

8:00- 9:30- FInally a coffee shop opens. COFFEE. Previously we have noticed many barricades and police around the place. Ask the waitress whats going one. NATO summitt she replies.

the rest- the result of this NATO summit is that there are police, army and few tanks ra ra ra everywhere, and EVERYTHING interesting that one might do in Riga is closed. We go to a pub and play yahtzee

5:00- catch the bus home. No sleep again.

What a mad trip it was!

Flew back to Berlin on Wednesday, went to a Verdi opera, simon boccanegra, and still didnt like it. Munich for a night on Thursday on the way south. Saw Orphee e eurydice with anne sophie von otter, but she wasnt really very good. not enough energy. then on to salzburg, hurruh. Saw the Hagen quartet playing haydns seven last words. It was unbelievable. So damn good.
From now till the 5th is the dialogue tod festival...tod means death, tis leading up to mozarts death day on the 5th.

love to all x