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Rose’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Dec 2006

Location: Salzburg, Austria

MapHello all,
To be honest, I am feeling like utter rubbish right now. Just seem to have reached this point of exhaustion I can't quite climb out of. Despite that, I had an absolutely fantastic day yesterday. Caught up with an aussie girl I met in Prague, and we went and had a breakfast picnic in the cold at a look out, getting very excited about the snow on the alps, we wandered heaps, walked to the house where the sound of music was filmed, met lots of lovely austrians, and finally went to a beer hall, where we drank lots of a beer and ate a pretzel or 2 to complete the cliche. 2 lovely old ladies and an old man sat down at our table and we had some awesome german german is getting pretty good. Mostly enough to say most things I want to, and I can understand most things people say back, but sometimes one just nods and smiles with no idea whats going on. This night was good though. Back to the hostel for a nap, before heading out again at 11pm for the university church for a midnight performance of Mozarts requiem 'at the hour of death'. He died in the early hours of the 5th of december. music was good but not amazing, but the mere fact that were were in a awesome church at midnight listening to a requiem on the day mozart died was thrills enough.

I had every intention of going next back to munich for 2 days, becuase Rainer trost, my funny little tenor man is singing tamino in di zauberflöte, with kurt moll and diana damrau as well, but I just don't fell up to it. I have no doubt I'll get over it, but my energy jsut isn't there right now. I am instead heading straight to the Grafs in Swäbisch Hall, an incredibly lovely family who I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting (we made email contact as they are friends with some of the swedish rellies...who I have also not met!). really looking forward to it. Dear Thomas and Co. if you are reading this, this doesn't mean I am coming merely to collapse and be a miserable house guest! I have no doubt I shall perk up in such lovely company!

I know of another few shows rainer is doing while I'm here, so shall try and catch him later.

Hope everyones is going grandly at home, buckets of love, rose x