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Rose’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Dec 2006

Location: Salzburg, Austria

MapQuick update (loving free library internet) just to say I am feeing a whole lot better after my typically bizarre day. Typical in that random things always seem to happen. Today, as we already know I was feeling a bit rubbish...while wandering back to the hostel, and lady came up to me and explained she was doing a course in nail stuff (as in manicuring false nails kind of things) and needed a model for her class to practice on for her exam, would I like to do it and help her out. Well, why the hell not. So off I go with the lovely Birgit, to the equivilent of Salzburg WEA, had a coffee, and sat down to have the most remarkable things done to my fingernails for 3 hours. Its incredible how my work is in it. I now have relatively long nails, which i suspect will make packing my pack quite a feat. So many layers of gels and fake nail, ra ra ra. Incredible. At the end, i asked for colour too! So now I have red nails with green glitter for xmas. How festive! Look at my fingers and get all Xmas happy. Glory be :)

Am going to see if I can get a ticket to the requiem tonight, but think it will be quite impossible. Will go to operetta if (lets face it, when) so. Then off to Swäbisch Hall tommorrow. hurruh.

love to all from a much happier rose with festive fingernails x