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Rose’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Dec 2006

Location: Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

MapHello all,
Well, now I am here by the lovely Graf family in Schwäbisch Hall. It is so beautiful now, althougth I am hanging out for snow...they say there'll be no white xmas...I will go on singing xmas carols about snow in order to make it happen in time for xmas :)
I have now finally uploaded all my photos onto the computer here, but when I tried to post them yesterday, everything went kaput. Hmmmm, shall try again and hopefully I have soon some photos up here. Shall try emailing some too maybe.

My 2nd Salzburg visit was at the beginning totally rubbish, was s bit tired and homesick, but it picked up in truly spectacular form and now and I am very inspired and practicing and fantasising over all the fantasitic opera there is yet to see. I think theres a Mozart quote somewhere about how a day without opera is a wasted day. There are many fantastic things going on, but a little part of me can't help but agree! Don't know how I shall survive with only Aussie opera!

My plan was next to go to bonn (to picl up some things I left there) via Bingen (hurruh for Hildegard) then on to Paris. However, there is here in Germany an evil corporation called the 'deutsche bahn' This is citylink/countrylink. Think its private though. Anyways, I have bought a bahn card which makes all my trips half price, but it took them ages to post it, and now I mu7st chase it over germany. It is now in Bremen. Its a bit valuable to me to trust to german beuracracy, and I want to go to berlin again, as there is that controversial Idomeneo (the only possible terror threat opera....dont worry, i'll get a standing seat so I can run away quickly) and a Flute production which is replica of that really famous one from the 60s (i think) you know in amadeus how the queen on the night sings her aria? that production. So I figure I shall go north again. Tommorrow night I am staying in a hostel that is a castle on a mountain! Sweet. Shall visit Tony in Hamburg for xmas again methink, although he doesnt know this yet, then stay in Berlin again for a bit. before flying down to munich to spend xmas with Janelle and whoever she is with :)

Hurruh. Lots of love to everyone, hopefully you'll see some photos soon, and at the very least, I'll make it work in January!