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Rose’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 Dec 2006

Location: Bremen, Germany

MapWell, has been a few days since that last entry hey. Here I am once again in Bremen, one of my lovely German home towns.
Sooo. since the 10th.
I was in Schwäbisch Hall (You gotta think to spell that one) till the 11th, where after some hilarious attempts at printing train tickets with Thomas, I finally jumped on the train on the 2nd last valid day of my temporary bahn cards validity. Had a lovely time with the Grafs in SHall (hehe...much quicker). Thanks all :)
Caught the train to a little town on the Rhein called Bacharach, the pulling card being the fact that the youth hostel is a 1000yr old castle. It looms over the very quaint medieval city. A quality of looming is often height, which means hill, which means at some point you are at the bottom with a heavy back, and at another point you must be at the top. Wasn't bad though. Bit muddy, but spectacular views and worth it. The castle itself is very impressive on the outside, though inside not so, and also quite deserted. Wanted something to eat, which meant going down the hill again, which meant I had to do it before dark. Walked down the hill. Realised I had forgotten my purse. Put a little curse on the Gods of Checking Everything Is In Your Back Before Walking Down Big Hill. Not enough time to go up down eat and up again, so wandered around, then back up the hill. Was hungry, but dinner there was overpriced and looked yucky. No one in my dorm. Cute little medieval windows, which I stuck my head out and pretended I was a 11th Century princess. My Wimple fell off into the blackberry scrub under my window. Decided it would be very boring to be an 11th century princess. Went for a walk around castle, but werent so many places you could go. Was a conference group there, who had obviouslly jsut had a break. Could tell this as there was still some cake sitting outside. With logic that it was much better to want than waste, I pocketed a few pieces and scuttled guiltily back to my room to gobble up my loot. To be honest, this place freaked me out and I had an awful nights sleep.
Next day the plan was to go to bremen via bonn to visit goethe pals and pick up some stuff I had left there. Well, when I got to Bonn, it was just so nice, and Martin informed me there was another concert on I stayed :) Stayed in Köln. Made some music, saw some opera and a movie (in which I easliy followed everything...hurruh). As its getting up to Xmas, I finding myself in a little homesick moment. Xmas here doesnt feel right. Tis not nearly as jolly. With that in mind, tis very nice to be in Bremen, where I arrived on Saturday, and helped Christiane decorate the tree. Hurruh!
My Bremen mode consists mostly of wearing daggy clothes all day, eating chocolate and reading terry pratchett. hehe. Tis nice to have little hits of time like this. Maybe I will go to Berlin between here and janelle Bavaria Xmas, or maybe I shall simply stay here. We Shall See.
Lots of love to Everyone, and a very merry merry xmas xxxxxxxxxxooooooooooo