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Rose’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 30 Dec 2006

Location: Bengtsfords (Spelling???), Sweden

MapHello all and a very big sorry for the lateness of this post!!!! Havent had a computer for a while, and will here jsut give a quick update of whats been going on.
Sooo...I left bremen on the 21st. I was going down south to spend XMas with Janelle (friend of mums who is now in germany staying with german firends of hers) and her niece. A train ticket cost no more if i went through Berlin. This is typical madness of the Deutsche bahn....look on a map, this makes no sense. Anyways, on this special Katies Bday day, I went to see a magic flute in berlin. I wanted to see this as the stage design was based o9n a very famous production (Schinkel). So I went to berlin jsut to see it. It was sold out. Argh. So rose tried her hand at the new experice of deling with a scalper. Wow. Felt like an opera rebel. (hehe...wher are the mozart stockings...) Opera was bit disappointing, the grand scene didnt work, the pamina was activaly horrible, but the tamino was icnredible. Any singer who can actually make you give a damn about a role like tamino gets a hats off from me.
22nd to munich, met up with janelle and ashley. to the werners (lovely german fam) where I will now stay until the 27th.
Magic Bavarian xmas, complete with tiny tiny viallge visit to old old church to hear a story read in bayerisch. crazy accent of which no one who doesnt live live can understand. Xmas was however overshadowed by a fairly ferlocious bout of homesickness. Xmas jsut seemed a bit far from home and brough with the also a distinct lakc of snow. On track now though. Me that is,m not the snow, which even in sweden is staying resolutely away!
27th went to Nuremberg with janelle and ashley to visit the son of that family, Joshi. Had a grand old time, which included a damn heavy but good nazi museum, and of course the the nazi rally grounds them selves. you know when you see picture of hitler adresses thousands....that place. Huge.
28th spent most day in NUeremberg, and moments before I left it started snowing!!! Traing to Schwabisch hall, and we left for sweden the next day. Drove to keil, and got on a overnight boat to göteberg.
THE BOAT. HOw damn fantastic is was. Despite the cold I spent about 3 hours of the 14 hr trip outside (in 1 hr stints) the most magic was at about 9 alone at the back of the ship. Huge white wake streaming behind, lit by the moon so you could see a white path to the horizon. Soooooooo beautiful. Made me one happy camper.
Which brings us to today. Arriving in the morning, a magic lunch with friends of the grafs. MArgareta and Gunner, who made an incredible meal and were sol lovely...they gave us a competition to see who could could all the santas i nthe house (decorations and stautes and so on) there were over 200!!! And then we all got given one!´So lovely. Beautiful beatiful location there too, right on water. Then drove to bengstfords...pls forgive all my spelling...really should figure this out. The grafs holiday house here is lovely. Very cute and cosy! Then thomas wallin appeared to bring me round here (I am writing from their house) for dinner, and, obviously, offer some internet time. Hurruh.
I apologise for my rubbish typing. I figure that theres so much to say that you can all jsut get over the millions of typos :)

MERRRRRRRYYYYY XMAS ALL!!!! Sorry tis a little belated

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Sorry Its a bit early

But most importantly......HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!!!!!!!!!!! While its still too early for me to say that here, its right on time for you at home :)

love to all xxx