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Rose’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 21 Jan 2007

Location: Bremen, Germany

MapWell, hello hello all.

I remember in the early days of this diary I was writing a veritable feast of words, and many a cynic pointed out that it would not continue. How annoying to have proved them right. But, it hasn't stopped all together...just, quite a bit.
So let me clear this up for you all then. This is not because I have fallen off the face of the planet, or that I love you all any less. The real answer is, well, hey, I just didn't feel like it :) hehe

I think the last entry I wrote was the 30th december, so, heres the mighty quick catch up...

31st December- Of course, a very important day---My birthday! I was treated to a mighty fine birthday, with Swedish and German happy birthday songs, and delicious birthday cake and fireworks, one of which fell over, went under the house and almost killed the rabbit, which has lived to tell the story, although possibly never to hear anything again.

Sweden- Stayed in Sweden till the 6th. Was lovely to meet and stay with one of the relative families. Highlights were a day trip to Norway, and of course talking to the mooses! They are the same as Elks they tell me, but Elk sounds so regal, I much prefer the word moose. Suits them. The boat trip in both directions was a big highlight. Loved it. Tragically however, no snow. The weather is mad!

Goethe. Back to the lovely Schwäbisch Hall with the Grafs, and my 2nd german course started. Some lovely people in my class, and the teaching there really is top quality.
There was also a bit of a monumental decision that happened in this week. I have had a grand time on this adventure, and I continue to, however now I have had enough. There are still many things I want to do here, but now is not the time. It is time to go home. Problem with this is of course the planned familiy visit of march. The phenomenal soloution, helped along by my phenomenal parents...simply pretend its not a problem, go home anyways, then come back. So the slighty mad but nevertheless right thing for me to do home of the 5th of february (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), then come back for a 4 week hol on the 15th march. So, I know its mad, but hey, its what I'm doing :) I feel really good to be going home. I jsut miss everything and everyone too much now, and the weather here is bloody awful. I never thought the day would come where I'd be hankering for the Aussie heat. So, there we go, shall be back in the country on the 7th of Feb!

The Dresden Weekend. Went for a packed weekend visit to Dresden. Funkiest damn hostel. Decorated in the room really girlaly (word?) but it made it feel just like a home. Awesome. Saw 3 shows at the Semper oper. Seraglio, Flute and a recital from Vesselina kasarova, that mezzo I ranted on ad nauseum about who was in the Salzburg clemenza. I stand by by belief that she is just simply unbelievable. Theres a thing here called mitfahrgelegenheit, which is basically organised hitch hiking, so at 4 am int he morning, I was, very tiredly, on my way back to schwäbisch hall. MIraculously I made it into the class room 2 mins before the teacher (8.13). Was proud of this effort.

Goethe 2. Second week a the goethe institute. Also grand. Good getting to know all the class people better, and of course sending my head mad with the ridiculous complicated world of german grammar. Moved into the student wohnheim to get a feel of schwäbish hall from another side. Still visiting the Grafs alot which is grand, and I am even accompanying Ines (me piano she violin) in a concert for her music school next friday!

This weekend. So, as I am now going home sooner than expected, there are some things that have to happen. One is of course the Bremen visit. So on saturday, I went, through heidelberg, and very fine little place, then onto Bremen. Hurruh. Will miss a day of goethe tommorrow, as I'll catch a train back tomoz arvo.
Rather annoyingly I am feeling pretty sick right now. Head cold, plus something that feels alot like asthma, despite nt having that after the age of 4. annoying. So, a bit tired and sick. But hey.

So back to Hall tommorrow, rest of the week there, then off to salzburg (mozarts bday!) munich, and then bryn tyrfel in wien! Hurruh. What a great beginning and end to my trip. at one end, gerald finley as don g in wien, at the other, bryn. Then on the 5th, although it will be for all you aussies early morning of the 6th, out I fly.
Can't wait to see all of you! Enjoy your next two weeks, and after that, I can tell you in person :)
Merriment, love rose xxx