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Rose’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Jan 2007

Location: Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

MapIt is finally snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Was so looking forward to falling asleep, and when I wake up, for it to be snowing. What do you know, that happened to me twice yesterday!!! Well once yesterday after a sickness induced (tiredness induced sickness, *%/&$ Deutsche Bahn induced tiredness) nap, and then once this morning when I woke up after a normal sleep. Grand. Take every chliche of ridiculously cute german villages with snow and thats what it is. Madness.

So yes, made it back on Monday after a very annoying train trip...a 5 minute delay one one train makes the whole trip change and meant I got back 1 hr and half later than I should have. Wasn't in the mood, but was suprisingly calm despite DB deserving all my wrath.
Tuesday class again. We have a very very good teacher, although my head is starting to spin with the ludicrousness of german grammar. Was feeling all a bit sick and tired, so had a great soup cooking and fruit salad making evening with 2 lovely Yanks. We decided it needed a blender...which wasn't available, so we mashed the soup with a meat tenderiser and ladle. Was damn fine and resulted in one tasty soup.
Today, class again, more mad german, then walked to the big bank building here where Thomas works to meet Thomas for lunch. Was lovely and very interesting to see inside this big building (employs 1 in 10 ppl in schwäbisch hall...i think thats right).
Soon I am off on a Brewery tour with Goethe people. Hurruh.
Snow makes Winter much better. Or maybe, snow jsut makes winter. and before was some crazy, not real season.
Merriment all, despite the glories of snow, still looking forward to coming home and seeing you all xxx