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Rose’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Feb 2007

Location: Wien, Austria

MapOK, Know I have now become a mighty slack diary keeper.
No reason to state here apart from my incredible vagueness. I have never been so vague in my entire life. I am just full. I am coping and all good, but random and wandering and vague.
Shall catch up with this diary in a few days....when I am home!!!!
Ready to come home. In a very good place about it. Will be ready to come back here one day too. All good.
Saw Bryn tonight. God. Sat next to a singing teacher in Wien, who wants to teach me for free. the world looks out for me sometimes. Magic. So when we're back in wien parents, you'll be doing some sight seeing of your own ;) He's also been a stage director. Sweet.
Unbelievably tired. Eaten a feast of biccies mushrooms and fetta, and now time for bed.
Huge quantities of love to everyone xoxo