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Rose’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Feb 2007

Location: Wien, Austria

MapSee I told you I was vague. The whole point of my last entry was to say something profound, and my last entry from Europe ra ra ra. But I forgot.
All I really want to do, is commerate this occasion, as the last entry of this diary from Europe.
It has truly been an incredible adventure. Have learnt so much, been inspired to bursting point and been challenged alot too. I think my current vagueness is a sign of all that I've taken in. I just really can't take in any more. I really am full.
But thats grand. And even grander that at this time I am then coming home. Feeling really good about the flight, and smiling outrgaeously when I think of all of you at home, gum trees and my Beadie.
Send me thoughts when I'm flying please. I get home wednesday morning, so anytime in the 26 hrs (argh) before that is good :)
love and hugs and thanks for being with me in a reading this diary fashion on my journey xxxxxx