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Jenny Sheraton’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 16 Aug 2006

Location: London, UK

MapThis morning started off lovely and sunny. Although it did rain later in the day but luckily I made it to the British Musuem in time not to get wet.

I started my day on the open air bus after Laura got the time wrong on her clock and we were an hour ahead of ourselves. The bus took me to some different places. I got off at the Tower of London and spent a few hours there. It is an amazing place. The differences are very obvious from the Crown Jewels and crowns, scepters to the old artillery and gunpowder. There were knights armour that I can't believe anyone would were.

There were a lot of stairs and tight winding staircases that were very dark. It is just an unbelievable place. I have very sore knees to prove the number of stairs I climbed.

I then had KFC for lunch in the Tower Vault and bit different from the day before when I had lunch with the pigeons on the step of St Paul's Cathedral.

I then walked from the Tower of London to the British Museum. It only took me about 45 mins at a brisk pace. I thought it would take me hours but London is very compact.

I made it to the British Musuem just has the rain came down. I only did the first floor (my feet and legs were killing me) which was Egypt, Greece and Rome. Amazing artefacts!!

Tomorrow Laura and I are off to Buckingham Palace.