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Jenny Sheraton’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Aug 2006

Location: London, UK

MapThis morning Laura and I took a double decker bus (the regular kind) and got off at Trafalgar Square. We then walked down to Buckingham Palace and waited at the gates for the changing of the guards. We thought we had a great spot but they moved us before it started so I didn't see a great lot - people were very pushing during this which was unbelievable. Laura got some good photos so she will send them to me.

We then went to the State Apartments of Buckingham Palace. After buying our ticket we found out we couldn't go in for another 45 mins so we had lunch in front of Buckingham Palace. As we were going through the Palace they give you a headset with audio commentary which explains everything as you go along. This made for a very quiet tour with everyone listening intently which made it a special experience. Buckingham Palace is beautiful and opulent. As you walk out of the Palace you come to the back of it to the gardens and of course buy souvenirs. They were selling some beautiful chocolate ice cream along the path. I even saw a squirrel in the garden.

We then walked to Hyde Park Corner and saw the Australian War Memorial. Then we walked through Hyde Park past the Serpentine Lake to Diana Princess of Walkes Memorial Fountain. We then continued onto Kensington Gardens and arrived at Kensington Palace. It's not the most beautiful palace but still lovely. We then caught a bus to Oxford St and jumped off and caught a taxi to our hotel.

Today was a big day - we were walking and standing for 10 hours. No wonder my feet and knees are sore!!!

Early to bed tonight - Contiki starts tomorrow.