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Jenny Sheraton’s Travel Diary

Friday, 18 Aug 2006

Location: London, UK

MapI got up early this morning for the start of my Contiki tour. We had to be on the bus by 7am. We drove to Dover and I have already made a friend, Nancy from Melbourne. I saw the White Cliffs of Dover. We got onto a Channel Ferry and during the 1 1/2 hr ride Nancy and I had an English Breakfast which was Bacon, Sausage, Tomato, Fried Bread, Baked Beans, Chips, Eggs (of course I didn't have them) all with toast. I took a photo of proof of the food on my plate and I just about ate the lot. I was proud of myself. I didn't need anything then until dinner!

We arrived in Calais France, then drive through Belgium and onto the Netherlands. We arrived at Amsterdam and our hotel late in the afternoon. We had a buffet dinner at the hotel and then got back on the bus to go on a Canal Cruise to get to know each other. The sun didn't go down until about 9pm. I had a few Heineken Beers on the cruise and we were back at our hotel at about 10.30pm