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Jenny Sheraton’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 26 Aug 2006

Location: Rome, Italy

MapThis morning was our earliest start yet - 7am on the bus to catch a couple of trains to the Vatican City. We were there for the opening at 8.45am and had a tour with a local guide through the Vatican City Museum. We also went into the Sistine Chapel and saw all the paintings on the ceiling and walls - amazing. At the end of the tour we then went inside St Peter's Basicila. It was so hot when we walked out into St Peter's Square and I got some great photos.

We then caught a couple of trains to the Colosseum and took a tour through it. This was an amazing place and I have some great photos.

Then we took another tour up to the Pallentine Ruins which led up to a lookour with view of the city and the Roman Forum. It took a lot of photos of this area - it was amazing. I went up with Sharon, Chris, Michelle, Greg and Grant and we then caught 3 trains back to our hotel which also required a 15 min walk to it. We were on our feet for 11 hours today. It was exhausting! But very good.

Dinner was at the hotel which was spaghetti with sauce (no meat), veal (cooked like silverside) with roast potatoes (very oily but yummy) and a lemon and chocolate cake.

I bought a 3 pack of beer for 2,15 Euro and I had a couple after dinner and was asleep by 9pm. The earliest night yet but my biggest day as well.