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Jenny Sheraton’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 Aug 2006

Location: Florence, Italy

MapAnother early start - we left at 7.30am and I am so sore.

Today we are off to Florence. We arrived around lunchtime and went to a leathermaking demonstration. Then we walked through Florence through to some markets.

We had McDonald's for lunch and they even had beer on tap there.

We copped a summer storm and found cover against a building. It then got pooped on by a pigeon - you'll see the meaning of this tomorrow.

Then back on the bus to the hotel to change and we went into the Tuscan Hills for dinner at a lovely restaurant. They had an opera singer, a local 3 piece band and a guy on piano singing and there was lots of dancing between the 4 courses. Which was antipasto, lasagne and pasta, then strips of beef with roast potatoes and icecream. All with italian red wine.

After dinner we went to a nightclub - Space Electronic Discotheque. We got home about 2am.