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Jenny Sheraton’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 Aug 2006

Location: Nice, France

MapWe got to have a nice sleep in in Nice. We left the hotel at 9.30am to go into the town of Nice and the beach. I had a quick look at the shops then went to the beach. There is no sand in Nice only rocks for the beach. They have public and private beaches. Public beaches you need more than a towel to lie on the rocks. A group of us went to a private beach where you have to pay to go onto - 15 Euros which gives you a lounge chair and another 5 Euros for an umbrella and they serve you drinks and food all day.

I went for a swim but it was hard trying to walk into the water over rocks that were smooth but hurt the feet. The water was beautiful and green and just a slight wave. Then it was harder to get out of the water. The waves kept coming in and I couldn`t get my footing as the water went back out.

We spent 5 hours at the beach drinking cocktails and beer.

Then we went back to the hotel for a dip in the pool before dinner.