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Jenny Sheraton’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Sep 2006

Location: Lyon, France

MapWe had croissants again for breakfast - better than ones you can buy in Australia. Luc & Sophie drove me out to a winery south of Lyon to try to some local red and white wines. Very nice and very expensive. Beautiful countryside out here.

Then we drove to a little village north of Lyon called Perouges for lunch. Perouges is a village dating back to the Middle Ages and is in the process of being preserved. The roads are made of rounded stones so it is very hard to walk through. It is amazing that buildings are still standing after all this time. We had lunch in a little restaurant in Perouges and there was a lot of Middle Age artefacts around.

I went back to the apartment to have a nap while Sophie went to an appointment. Then I walked with her parents to pick up Romeo (Sophie & Luc's son who is 2 years old) from Creche and meeting Sophie & Luc at La Part Dieux which has a shopping centre and is also the bus station that I need to get to tomorrow.

Sophie's mum cooked dinner and it started with soup, cold meats, a risotto type dish, salad, cheeses, cake and fruit. It was very nice.

Tomorrow I start my journey home.