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Jesse’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 11 Oct 2006

Location: Weipa, Australia

MapG'day all,

Well it has been about 2 weeks since our last entry and there have been so many things going on that we don't know where to start! We haven't had time to sort out any photos yet so they will have to wait a little while until we are back from the cape. We are in Weipa at the moment (writing this from the library!). We last updated the site from Cairns where Jesse caught up with Sam (Jesse writes beautiful girlfriend Sam). Sam and Jesse spent 3 nights on Green Island and another 2 in cairns together. During this time Mat spent a couple of days at Palm Cove and a night at Port Douglas - fishing a-plenty!

Jesse returned from Green island with a bung knee. He went to hospital and it was (after 4 unsecessful attempts to remove liquid from under his kneecap) diagnosed as Gout!! Too much alcohol and shellfish! So we had to find something to do that didn't involve too much activity (jesse had restricted movement). So we went to Palm cove again for another 2 nights - fishing was a good thing to do that didn't involve much moving about!

Quickly now - (because the libriarian has given us the 5 mins remaining call) after Palm cove we took the Bloomfield track from Palm cove to Cape trib. Spent a night there and then headed to Cooktown where we fished and played golf. 3 nights at cooktown and then a 10 hour drive to cape melville (only 200 km) but along the coast road. Cape melville was awesome and so was Lakefield NP (our next stop for 2 nights). From lakefield we made it here to Weipa. We will eb here for 3 nights or so and then onward and upward! Sorry - run out of time!!