Dave & Reece -Travel’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 Aug 2006

Location: Tahiti, French Polynesia

MapWe arrived in Tahiti at about 8:00pm, the first thing we noticed as we jumped off the Air Tahiti flight was the heat and humidity. Now being Aussie we should be use to this but as i had jeens and jumpers on as Sydney was freezing i was happy to change into some boardies which i stayed in the whole time we were in Tahiti.

So we got off the plane and headed to the greeting area to try and find a place to stay. We Met a real nice (kiwi) guy that was on our flight so we stayed at the same hostel as him, know as fee fee...

As we only had one day we tryed to fit too much in it. Darryl (the kiwi) had heard of some massive waves like 8 meters high so we put it on our to do list.
Getting down there was the hardest part as the famous :la Truck: does not run that far down or there was an accident or something like that. We finaly got down by catching busses but not as far as we wanted.

On the way down i was amazed to see a Mcdonalds. So we went in and had some fries and a drink.. This Mcdonalds was in a great spot because out the back was like a man made opening into the ocean which made it like a swimming pool and the water was just crystal clear.

When we got going again we were waiting hours for a bus and when it came he took us to some sort of a natural spring and waterfall (Grotto)...