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Sunday, 06 Aug 2006

Location: Easter Island, Chile

MapWe Flew into Easter Island on the nicest plane we have ever been on, This plane was from the future with touch screens behind every seat with a selection of movies on demand, games, music, tv, etc,etc... amazing

the flight to Easter Island was long we left at 12.30pm and arrived 9.30 the next morning, thank heavens for the movies
The 4,000 odd Km really puts this place in the middle of nowhere no wonder it was not discovered early

The entry to the island was great with the mountains rising out of a flat sea, the plane travelled for km,s at 500m above the ocean before comming into land on a runway that is an emergency landind pad for the space shuttle and hence twice as long as normal

We got off the plane and were met by Angellica a lovely lady who has a Pension near the airport wher we stayed for our visit
We came back one night at 11pm after having a meal and listining to some Rapa Nui (the local name for the island) music and she must have been waiting because out came the tea and coffee.

After settling in we walked to the beach and saw our first Moai, but better was to come the next day
We hired a car (a four wheel drive Diahatsu) and we put its capability to the test.

The roads are good in the main but if you want to get off into the middle of the island there are plenty of tracks to go on.

It was just Moai after Moai for the rest of the day the best part was seeing where they mined the rock up a mountain called Rapa Rarakau or something. Only God knows how the hell they got those moai from one side of the island to the other, it would at least be 10km.

We will upload some photo´s asap, servers are real slow here...
Reece & David,