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Wednesday, 09 Aug 2006

Location: La Paz, Bolivia

MapWell after a 8pm arrival to Santiago 4hrs sleep and an early morning flight out to La Paz Via Iquique (northern Chile) we arrived in La Paz on Independance day, where gun fire and morter rounds are common to celebrate their national day
There were a few explosions around but `hey´ look we are in South America after all.

The biggest thing was the altitude the airport is 4100meters high and after stepping out of the air craft it really hits you, your lips and toes tingle and it was an effort just to reach the immigration with the bags, the room at the hotel was on the first follr and we had to stop twice before gtetting up 12 steps.

Fan fare and parades were also the order of the day, we settled into our Hotel and moved about cautiously but really not a problem with a national guardsman on just about every corner things were pretty quiet.

You can buy any thing here at a price similar to your dreams, Beer 5 Bolivianos ( you get 8 to the US dollar) a meal 15 bolivanos coke 4 bolivanos man you relly feel rich here.

On Monday we went up to the Vally of the Moon on a mini bus which carries 12 people and actualy fitted 18 and he was still asking for more people, but hey what do ya expect for 2 bolivano´s (20c usd approx.).

When we were finished and waiting for the Mini Bus to return, we gazed our eyes apon a sign that said something about quad riding. Knowing that the arrow was pointing to the right we headed up the road for a bout 3km. With no luck we asked a police officer as to which way or where it was, he replied with a finger pointing back to where we had originaly been, so again we walked back the 3km and into the next town. Havig lost all hope we headed to the zoo instead. And to our amazment, There it was right next to the zoo, yay... There were about 300 locals spreadout around the place. So after about 8km or so we had found it, this place was packed, and so were the quads, one quad that had written on the side of it, that it was not capable of carring one 1 passanger, had one driver and about 6 or 7 family members. So after a wait for the quad i wanted, i finally got a turn. It was 25bollivano´s for 25 Mins, which worked out to about $3.50usd. Knowing that the sth americans drive the quads like their cars i took it easy, well a little eaiser anyway.

We will upload another photo site and diary entry, also note that we have uploaded more pic´s of Easter Island in 2/2,

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