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Thursday, 10 Aug 2006

Location: La Paz, Bolivia

MapSo After the quads finaly time for the worlds most dangerous road. We met at a cafe in the middle of la paz at 7:00am, had breakfast and headed out to the top of the mountain, something like 4700m above sea level. On the way up we could see waterfalls on the rocks to the side of us that were frozen so it shows how cold it gets up there. And we found out how cold when we got out of the bus "REEAL COLD or Mucho Frio"

We loaded up all our gear on the top and went to the toilet etc etc. The bikes were the Nicest i or anyone there had ever ridden. They were dual suspension Kona down hill mountain bikes, made for rocks, twigs or anything else you can point the handle bars at. Un fortunately they dont fly

So off we headed down the first part for 20 odd km´s which was all sealed until. Please note that we are not as lazy as you think, it was not all down hill, 6km´s was uphill. Now thats not that much compared to the whole ride, but 6km uphill at something like 4200m ment that the first pedal that you had, lost your breath and it was a while before you got it back again. Most people were in the bus or walking their bikes but dad and i did not get into the bus at all during the ride. As we came to the first drug checkpoint, ( they are checking the locals for equipment that is used in the making of cocaine) we had to push our bikes through, this then lead to the first little bit of gravel.

The rest of the day went downhill from there, Really downhill. When we got to the real bad corners and narrow straights it was always a game of chicken between you and the busses, trucks cars or what ever was coming up the hill. The road itself was not that hard it was just knowing that if you muck up or do something stupid, its a long way down. And you can see the wreckage when you look below of all the muckups. You were told to get off on the right hand side of the bike because then you are allways on the roadside and when you are behind a backing truck you cant step backwards and into bolivian (ha ha )

When we got down to the bottom, or near the bottom it heats up quite fast and its really dusty and dry. There are some straights that you do have to do that thing called pedaling.
Over a water crossing, which soakes you in water, just in time to get covered in dust. The last water crossing was the best, there was a jump into it and it soakes you in water once again.

By the time we had made it to the hotel we were stuffed.
A nice shower and a buffet lunch was all we needed.
The climb up on the bus was the sketchiest part. We got to see all the wreckage which was amazing.
We kinda went on the right day as no one hurt themselves or even came off.
We got to see the bus or what was left of it on our way up. Story goes on Sunday night a bus coming from Brazil carring 30 odd people went over the side as the driver was drunk and fell asleep at the wheel. The bus fell a good 250m before rolling and landing upside down. The gravity assisted team (the bike tour guys, who we went with) were coming up from a normal ride and had to help assist the injured, which was about 8pm or so. The way the guides discribed it, they did not look like they were going to live, and 20 didn´t
Then on the monday when they were doing the tour down, they had all the dead bodies laying on the road. We went on the Tuesday which was lucky, all the bodies had gone but you could see where the bus had fallen and still lay wheels up.

We Met a nice Kiwi girl the day before the ride which was great as she had been knocked off the edge while standing on the side of the road. Standing not riding, the bus just clipped her and she fell 50m, Broke her leg, something done to her coller bone and fractured her nose, so it was great to hear that the day before we did it.
Then the day after we did it someone fell off and broke their sholder or something.
So you can see how it gets the name the
¨Worlds Most Dangerous Road¨.

Our next upload is Tiwanaku and Copacobana,