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Friday, 11 Aug 2006

Location: La Paz, Bolivia

MapWell ater the fun it was down to work the next day and we took a tour to Tiwanaku the worlds largest pre Columbian Inca Site known.
Tiwanaku was home to cver 20,000 people and was the centre of the Incan Culture, it all started in 1500BC and had 5 eras ending in 700AD after 40 years without rain, I wonder if they had stage 5 water restictions.
They were very advanced and were even into brain surgery, the complex of course revolved around the High Priests and the seasons. They perfected the drying of potatoes for the dry season and had a highly developed way of saving water
The collapse of the empire lead to the destruction of the temples and then of course came along the Spanish ripping every thing down looking for ORO - gold
The Bolivian army came along and used the place for target practice, the the public service used the blocks for the founation of the railway. Its a wonder there is any thing left.
Only 5 % has been excavated so there is still hopefully somthing to find. The museum was good but needed heating as it was only 8 C inside, we climbed into the mini bus and headed back to town and a good meal in a local restaraunt for 5 dollars