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Sunday, 13 Aug 2006

Location: Copacobana - Cuzco, Bolivia

MapAfter leaving La Paz we headed to Lake Titicaca 170 km x 60 km of water at 3820m above sea level is a stunning place, we stayed in Copacabana which hosts Bolivia’s only beach and their would you believe – Navy
This entire region was the bread basket for the Inca’s and the surrounding hills are terraced every where, we took the ferry out to the Isla Del Sol where there are ruins of the Inca’s peppered all over the island , 20 bolivanos for a return 3 hr trip US $2.50
The place is just beautiful, the water is so blue but when that winds blows, boy is it cool, we climbed to the top of the island. No mean feat at this altitude to see the museum which was closed but the views are great
Taking the ferry back to town we headed out to Cuzco via a bus leaving at 2.00 pm and having a stop over in Puno allowing us to get out and see the floating Islands made from reeds.
We left Puno for Cuzco on an overnight bus ride from hell, can you imagine trying to sleep with a movie of ¨Saving Private Ryan¨ playing in Spanish until 3am in the morning –not good – we arrived in Cuzco at 4.30am feeling like we had been run over by the bus rather than have been traveling in it