Dave & Reece -Travel’s Travel Diary

Friday, 18 Aug 2006

Location: Machu Picchu, Peru

MapWell as we breached the hill to the sun gate the sun was just crowning the top of the mountains, below was our goal Machu Picchu looking as grand as the post cards depict, just amazing.
We are probably 1000 m above the valley floor but the surrounding mountains still dwarf us, the setting here is just as good as the ruins I can see why the Inca’s chose this site. They worshipped mountains, water, the sun and the stars and they all turned up to be counted in breathtaking beauty.

The view is spectacular, the mountains fold up the valleys and the river carefully bends around their feet so as if not to upset them and all the time in the distant background are the ¨elders¨ the snow capped grand parents watching our every move.

We moved down the path to the ruins and as we neared, the true size of their work becomes apparent; we are told that the site was only occupied for a 100 or so years but it looks like a 1000 years work to me.
The terracing are crafted into sheer rock faces, how many farmers fell whilst farming these will never be known, but I am sure the tourist count will be up there too.

It is very easy to be transported back in time with just a drop of imagination and a few descriptive lines from our guide; you can see easily the priests at work above at their altars and the builders at beavering away at the quarry.

We stayed for the day until the unfortunate situation of success leading to the attraction of too many tourists dismantles the brain from the ether, to reality with guides carrying poles crowned with colored flags so their rabble can locate them in the mayhem of people and languages.

Nothing I can say can really do justice to this mystical place of the gods, I am just happy the Spanish never laid eyes on it and it is there for us diminutive humans to gasp in awe at for years to come