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Saturday, 19 Aug 2006

Location: Aguas Callientes, Peru

MapAfter Our breathtaking day at Machu Picchu, we headed down to Aguas Callientes where we had lunch at a cafe called ¨Gringo Felliz¨. Everyone was very happy to have completed the Inca Trail. While eating lunch everyone was showing pictures that they had taken with their digital cameras and explaining how they nearly died on dead womanís pass.

When we had finished lunch we said goodbye to our guides as they had the early train back to cuzco.
After their farewell we said goodbye the rest of the group as they were also leaving that day. We were lucky and had the over night there.

Aguas Callientes wasnít actually that bad; I thought I would be a real touristy place with nothing going for it. Itís quite a nice little town with a river and a train tracks that go straight through the heart of this little town.

Our hotel was great value. 30usd for us two with an all you can eat breaky at a more expensive hotel further up. Dad said that he had the best shower in sth America there so he convinced me into one. All the hot water just had to run out didnít it, finally got hot water and then it would drop pressure, get the right temp, it would up the pressure either making it boiling or freezing. Oh well, it was the first shower in 3 days or so as the only showers on the trek were electric ones. Having been told before that more people die in Brazil, in the shower from electric shock then any other cause made me go through being dirty for one more night.
I wanted to see Machu Picchu...