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Tuesday, 22 Aug 2006

Location: Aguas Callientes, Peru

MapDay 2 at Aguas Callientes and after a nice warm [safe] shower we headed up to Machu Picchu once a gain to climb the mountain behind called, something i cant rember to spell. Anyways we got there nice and eairly so we could beat the croud to climb the mountain.
As we got there we nearly fainted as we saw the line, please note this was at about 9:30am and the first train comes in at 11:00am or so.
We finaly got in and started to head up the mountain. Its about a 1 hour steep uphill climb.
When we got up to the top, you really wonder why the hell they would build something all the way up there. There was farming area´s, temples, caves and much more. We did the whole picture thing etc which you can see in photo page ¨Machu Picchu 2/2¨ After the steep walk down, we headed back to Aguas Callientes to go to the markets and just look around as we were catching the train [tren] back to Cuzco at 3:55pm.
We looked around and everything was neg. If you asked for a ´price you had to be prepared to buy it or barter the price down. I asked about a chess site and saw that it was chiped and some of the paint was worn so i left it, well i tried to. The laidy insisted that it was ok and fixable. When we walked away she came down to our original price, but we were not interested. She then got out of her bag a black marker to fix it up, mean while we just walked away.
We had lunch and walked back 10m away from her stall so she would not see us, she saw me and came running with the chess set, dad was looking at another stall so i had a chance to run while she convinced dad.
Made the day very interesting...

We are currently in the Amazon so hopefully will get some pictures soon.

Reece & Dave