Dave & Reece -Travel’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Aug 2006

Location: Cuzco, Peru

MapCuzco a city of many faces, it will amaze you with the history and befuddle you with multitude of modern day choices.
We arrived in Cuzco at 4.40am after an overnight bus ride from Puno feeling very jaded, but this place endears itself to you quietly at first then it opens up and reveals a town of huge choice. Food, Arts, Museums, Tours and of course the people who greet you with huge rounded face smiles.

There is no end of choice hear for food at all price levels, you can spend $40 US on a mains or enjoy a menu familiar for 4.5 Soles ( 3 soles to the dollar ) for a 3 course local meal.

Around in the country is a plethora of places to go or you can just wander the streets (if you are acclimatised) to take in the colour of the people and the sights.

A great place to enjoy just about anything you wish to see and do, love it see you there!!