Dave & Reece -Travel’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 Sep 2006

Location: Ica, Huacachina, Peru

MapWe arrived in here after a short 2 hour bus ride, costing 7 soles ($3.50au) and settled into our hostel on the edge of the desert in this beautiful Oasis. The hostel to our amazement had office staff including one Blue and Gold Macaw, One Yellow Headed Amazon, And another Unidentified Bird (even Reece didnt know what she was), but she was tame and very friendly and loves head scratches (like aj, our not so tame cockatiel).
With only a few days to go its a great place to chill out, grab a bird and a book and enjoy a bit of R & R, which we have been doing.
The Oasis is surrounded by mountainous Sand Dunes that are taversed by foot sand boarding and the occasional reckless sand buggy.

We booked into an afternoon of adventure, and took off in one of the tricked out dune buggies, with beefy sounding engines into the dunes unkown.
We started off with a short drive out of town (very short) and headed for the sand hills, for a bit of 60km/h sand boarding. The Tour did not include enough dune buggying for dad and my tastes, but we had a great time and i got as close to being on snow as i ever have. I learnt how to Sand Board so hopefully it comes in handy when we hit the snow slopes next year.