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Thursday, 07 Sep 2006

Location: Pensacola, Florida, USA

MapWell it is all over for the Fantastic South america for now, we both had a great time immersing ourselves in the culture and scenery of this place.
We will be sad to move on but WE WILL BE BACK, for sure it is just...........

We spent the last few days in an Oasis town (Huacachina) south of Lima as described in our last entry and had a nice 4 days of relaxation to ready ourselves for the next leg of our journey north.
We packed all our equipment into our bags and headed for the bus station, i tried to pick a company that had its final destination as close to the airport in Lima as possible as getting across town can be problematic and expensive. The bus ride was through more desert, the whole of the western side of the Andies well, nothing SAND and more SAND.
We stopped at a few towns before ths start of Lima's outskits of copious quantities of mud brick houses stretching for miles on either side of the town by people moving to the city for the taste of the big life.
I am sure the life they left behind in the mountains must be better than they have here, but hey who am I to say any thing.

Lima is the capital of peru with 4 million people that can sign their name and probably another million who can't. Busiling and noisey a typical large city.

We arrived at the airport at 5.00pm for an 11pm flight, and were told the flight had been delayed 2 hours, so we beat eachother up 5 times just to kill time, before climbing on the flight out on American Airlines to Miami (9hours) and taking 2 more connecting flights to Pensacola in Florida to meet up with friends and compare cultures.