Dave & Reece -Travel’s Travel Diary

Friday, 08 Sep 2006

Location: Pensacola, Florida, USA

The land of the fast food outlets and even faster and larger cars...

We arrived into Pensacola which is in Florida, on a wet and windy day, this however did not keep the humidity down, and we realized that when we took our first few steps into the USA.

Kale, my friend (Reece’s friend) and his father Michael met us at the front of the airport and we headed to their house where we would spend the next few days.
Overlooking the water, which was only about 5 meters from their balcony, this house had it all. An electric drum set (Kales) a lift and a garage with a jaguar sitting inside (Michael’s). Being in a complex, if you will, provided added security with electric gates etc, gave them a chance to go out, without locking the front door.
But if anyone did get inside, Ruffels Mudgee Blue (Kales dog Ruffy, who is a blue healer) will makes sure that you get the licking that you deserve. Although she has only 3 legs she can still beat any of us in a race…

So our first meal in the USA was an all you can eat Chinese place that also served seafood, sushi, pizza and ice cream. Strange….
we could even understand the menu

Over the next few days while kale and Michael were at work and school, we walked around gulf breeze.
(If you guys have Google earth, up on the left hand side just type in Gulf Breeze, Florida and you can see that it’s like a peninsula that has a massive bridge connected to the main land.)
We also discovered a fast food place called “fire house subs”, nothing even comes close to beating them, 10x better then subway.

One of the nights we went down to the high school NFL game which kale was playing in. I have never seen so many players in a team, at the end of the game when the lined up to shake hands the two teams made a line that was wider then the actual field,I
will put a photo up on the Pensacola photo page.

We also were taken to the Pensacola Naval Base Museum where we inspected all the jets, watched a move on a screen that was 8 stories high by 7 stories wide and got fly in a simulator. It was interesting to see all the military equipment that the us army/navy/air force have and makes me thankful that we are not an enemy to them.

After a few days were up, it was time for us to board the tin can with wings called a plane and head to Vancouver via Dallas, Texas (again). It was real great to catch up with kale and see how people in the states, or well in Florida live.
Had a great time thanks Kale and Michael.