Dave & Reece -Travel’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 Sep 2006

Location: Canada

MapAfter our short trip over on the sea plane we had finaly arrived in victoria, one of the larger cities on Vancouver island.

After calling over a taxi we headed to the Marriot where we would spend the next few days. Dad and Trace had something going on work wise so for me it was a few days to relax, sleep, watch tv, study and sleep some more.

Victoria as with Vancouver have alot of beggers and buskers out on the corner of every street, Victoria also has many pubs, pizza places and steakhouses, camer shops, comic shops and hobby shops. If you cant find it in Victoria, well then, you need to look harder.

So after the work for Trace and Dad had stoped we headed out to do some offshore salmon fishing. Although we were trawling and did not get a chance to even touch the rods or bait it was a great day, although we didnt catch anything.

We (Dad, Trace and i) decided to rent a car and head up the island and go and have a look around. We were going to rent a convertible Mustang but mother nature said no and there was no pleading with her, while heading up we had rain, rain and more rain, would have made it very sad.

We passed many little towns and houses as we cruised victoria island and even stoped at a parrot rescue centre where they had over 100 Macaws, and many Cockatoo's which we see every day in Australia. A few rainforest walks, a few rainforest drives and we were heading back down to victoria to catch a water taxi accross to Vancouver as we would be leaving to New York City at 6:00 in the am, the next morning.