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Saturday, 23 Sep 2006

Location: USA

MapAfter leaving Canada it was back to the land of legal guns,
It was absolutely amazing to see the city from the air, although getting dark at the time of our flyover we could still make out the famous landmarks, Statue of Liberty, Empire State building and right in the middle of the city, Times Square.

Our transfer from the airport to our hotel was a great time to see the city as we were one of the last people to get off the mini bus. Through central park, around a very large building, through another red light, but he did manage to get us to where we needed to go.

We were staying in dorm for the duration of our stay as it was the cheapest, cleanest place and closest place to times square.

The first night (the night we arrived) we headed out with the german boys out to pub, well i didnt, i had to stand outside. It took me a little while to figure out why every once and a while the ground would shake, that would be the subways. Although i felt safe, i saw some strange people. It was good though, people were asking me is i was ok, wether i was lost, did i need to borrow a cell phone to call home etc,etc.

One thing i noticed about Manhattan was that all the streets were in perfect order as in north-south is Streets and West to East is Avenues, thats how you get on the corner of 39th and 6th, which are the way of directions.
All the time you are there its like you are in a movie, although i hadent been there i could remember places from movies and it was just great.
It was also a buz to see the fire engines go wizzing past with the sirens ect, although it gets annoying after a while as sirens go off every 2 mins its just full of energy (the city that is, i was stuffed after a days walk)

The next morning we headed up to times square, (2-3 mins away). We bought a bus ticket that covered 3 of our 4 days there and gave us access to Empire state building, Statue of liberty and a museum as well as a jump on and off service, this would be one of our main use of transport as well as the subways.
We headed out to the lower part of Manhattan (ground zero, Statue of Liberty and Elis Island.
The bus was great, you get a guide and a driver, although we had an asian laidy who could hardly speak english, we lernt alot.

Down to the statue of Liberty, where to get onto the ferry, you have to do the whole security thing, yep shoes off. Over to the island and some piccies ect, looks alot smaller in real live.
Ellis park was next on the planner, this was where they sent all the people who flocked to the US from outer countries looking for freedom, they have a museum and there are walks you can go on and yeah, a nice little island.
Ground zero, we went there just to say that we have been there, its hard and sad to imagine that 2 very large brother like buildings stood there, now there is nothing. I was amazed to see the subway went right underneath where they stood.
We had met an ex police officer who use to work in manhattan back a few years now, it was interesting to hear his stories of what he use to do in a usual days work, but hey when you work in NY, there is no ususal day.

The next day it was on to Central park. I was so amazed at how nice it was, i had always thought of it as a geto part but the park was amazing, they have the english garden's and the french as well as water fountains, lakes, tennis courts and more, much more. Covering over 800 Acres, around 5miles long and 2miles wide, its prime property and is listed as law that nothing will grow on from it, nor change in any way. The average property/appartment overlooking central park is worth 1.5million we were told. (if any of this information is wrong, out backup plan is to blame it on the tour guide).

On our way back to Times square we passed a little place on the corner of a few streets a little van thingy that cooks gyro's which are like bread and meat roll, Stupidly enough the line of about 150 people encouraged dad to convince me that the food must be worth it. Fair enough for 10 bucks it filled dad and i (which is very rare) but the wait was about 40mins to an hour, hehe things that we will remember NYC (New York City) by.

The last day we Went back down south to the museum where you get to walk inside a old ship, then up to the sea and air museum where we got to walk inside a aircraft carrier, a submarine and a British airways Concord, i personaly liked the concord the best, it still had that leather smell inside and the cockpit was amazing.
Over Back down south to a place which sell's Broadway tickets cheaper or at half price. We wended up seeing "Hairspray", which was great, the acting was amazing. So was the props and the comedy, the whole show was amazing.

For a place with 8 Million people i really enjoyed it and hoped that we had longer. Its really an amazing place that has an amazing atmosphere and amazing people