Dave & Reece -Travel’s Travel Diary

Monday, 25 Sep 2006

Location: Yorkshire, England

MapThe last day in New York (the day we flew out) we just had breakfast in our usual deli on the corner of who knows, after our whopping big bacon and egg sub it was on to the subway, this took us half the way to the airport and another airport train would take us to the airport.

We booked in and checked in and we were told that the plane was full and our seats were not available any longer so they had to upgrade us to business class, oh what a shame the plane was full.
Dad and I watched a movie followed by some 5 star dinner and dad finished the night off with 3 beers, 2 Red Wines and a Scotch and I had an orange juice.

We arrived in Manchester after our 5 Hour flight or so to a warm and early welcoming from Mum, Kyle, Sue and Stuart who had got up at 4:30am to come and meet us.
Next Mission was getting the rental car, we all headed out to the rental place to find that the prices that we had confirmed online were wrong and that they wanted another 600 pounds which is about $1500au, Mum was not happy, but in the end we got it to the price we were quoted and drove off in our Santa Fe 4x4, very large for an English car.

Soon came the afternoon of our arrival and already they had dad and I walking all around town, I was very tired as I did not sleep at all the night before and I had major jet lag, and was trying very hard not to fall asleep while walking.
We stayed at Sue’s for the next few days while dad and I regained our loss of sleep, a few more walks and drives were added in before it was time for us to leave Sue and Sue’s.