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Saturday, 30 Sep 2006

Location: Yorkshire & Olive's House, England

MapWe headed up north to York, with its large churches and other “old” buildings, perfect weather made our stay very enjoyable. Kyle got to go on a Ghost Tour of all the Haunted houses around York, which he has always wanted to do.
The first day however we all walked around the Wall’s which use to protect the city of York from invaders and other threats, little holes in the brick can still be seen from where the gunmen use to sit with there guns and defend the city that they lived and served for.

Since York has so much history and all, when ever anyone wants to build a new building they have to do an archeological dig to make sure they don’t build over anything.
One place was about to become a large shop or house but when they did the archeological dig they found a Viking town, so they transformed it into a Museum, unfortunately we chose not go in as it was 15.50 pounds per adult which is scary for 3 adults and 1 child. About 50 pounds - $125au, ouch…

After York it was off North East to Whitby Abbey where Captain Cook received his apprenticeship on flat bottom shop which he later commissioned one called the Endeavor. With Fighter Jets from the English Air Force displaying in the sky, sitting by the water side it was very enjoyable. Kyle bought some original English Lollies and a few hours later it was back to the Santa fe (The Car) and back down to York and on to The Fends in Cambridgeshire to stay with 81 year old Olive, Mums next door neighbors sister (next-door neighbor from Gostford 30 Years ago) that probably makes no sense anyways.
We arrived to Olives at 12:30 to a Roast Lunch, with the lot. After lunch it was over to her daughter’s house next door, Brenda. While we were talking to Brenda, Stuart rolled up in the drive way with his Bentley, which was also nice to meet, being the first close encounter with the lovely breed of cars it become clear how many cows are used in the making of these luxury cars, each steering wheel is hand stitched and takes 15 man Hours. I can imagine how much the Wheel is worth, considering each floor mat is worth 500 pounds, that’s accommodation in Peru for 250 nights, that’s 8 months.
Ok enough about the car, that beautiful car with its leather roof and smooth lines and sleek design, No really, back to the English trip.

We stayed at olives house for the next 3 or 4 nights, with a trip down to dads Aunty Josie’s who lives only a little way down the road (an hour or so) we arrived there to a roast dinner, we were really doing well. Debbie and Her partner and Debbie’s daughter Lucy also came to meet us. A few hours down memory lane for dad and a few more interesting stories and it was time for the Moger family to head back to Olives for a few more days and eventually head off again.