Dave & Reece -Travel’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Oct 2006

Location: Anita and Craig's House, England

MapOne of the days we checked out the battle field of 1066 in a town surprisingly called “Battle”, this was where the fight with the Normans was lost and the future of England was changed forever. We wandered around with earphones listing to the accounts of both sides, that weekend they were having a reconstruction of the battle with 100 horses and 1000 people taking part.

On one of the last days at Steve and Jeanette’s we headed out to Dover where we visited the Dover castle and the white cliffs. Being the closest place to the mainland the castle was placed on a hill and gives a great view out to sea.

Our final goodbye’s were said to Steve, Jeanette, Zofia, Halina and Casia saying it would not take another 18 years to get together we all had a great time and we set off to check out a pub one of Dads mates “Dave Helliwell” had owned when he was in England so after tracking it down Dad went inside to have a beer for Dave’s sake while we waited in the car.

The next day it was off to Salisbury to check out Stonehenge.

For those not in the know this place is a ring of monolithic stones arranged in a circle for reasons unknown but probably to revere the changing of seasons and sun positions.

The stones way upwards to 12 tons and there are 2 types, a bluestone and a limestone, the blue stone was quarried 240 miles away and how they were transported here is a mystery.
After all, this all happened 2-3000 years ago. – Amazing.

We also visited the town of Winchester which was once the capital of England it has some interesting buildings and makes you aware that every place you go here has a long history behind it. We visited the cathedral and went down to the crypt which was creepy, but the worst part is when you walk down the aisles you walk over headstones on the floor where people have been buried inside the church, here there are over 1000 on the floor.

We visited some more friends of Mum and Dads and had a great time checking out some small villages with thatched roofs and weird shaped walls, some houses are so close to the road that you have to check for traffic before stepping out the front door. We also visited a 14th century church which has been converted to a house and the front and back gardens have grave stones and above ground crypts in them I don’t think I could sleep there. Yuk!!!!

We next visited Avesbury which has some standing stones done around the same time as Stonehenge, it has a massive moat around the stones and must be 3 km around and is 4 meters deep, it was dug using deer antlers for shovels must have taken years to do.