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Thursday, 02 Nov 2006

Location: Cairo - Luxor, Egypt

MapWe headed down to the train station to travel a first class sleeping train to Luxor, where the valley of the kings, queens and nobles reside.
The taxi driver exclaimed he wanted 60 pounds for the trip from the island of Zamalek in Cairo but by now we were getting the hang of this haggling buisiness and settled at 25 pounds and headed out into the fray.
Traffic in Cairo still amazes me, such a tangle of cars zigzaging accross the lanes and no accidents but I guess we were blessed.
We headed out of the station at 8.30 pm for an over night ride to Luxor, the toilets are locked at the station, I found out why as they empty out onto the tracks, I pity the rail crew.

The morning sunrise had us clackating along beside the Nile and arriving around 7.00 am in Luxor, enough time to book into the hotel and have some rest before exploring the town and its temples of Karnak - fantastic and Luxor.
Luxor is supposed to be the hasstle capital of Egypt, fortunately it did not live up to its name but the "Caleesh" (horse and carrage) do really test your patience. They can be absurdly cheap, 2 pound an hour if you bargain hard but 5 pounds is more the going rate - make sure you get a horse that is well looked after.
The light show in the evening at Karnak gives you a different look at the temple along with some history a little hollywoodish but OK.

Heading out the next morning for the valley of king, queens, and nobles, get there early as it gets very warm toward midday, Ramesis IV we thought was the best tomb and the temple of Queen Hatchetsup also is not to be missed.

Egypt really is a fantastic place once you get use to their way of life I felt like a walking wallet but hey I guess they have to make a living

We rested for the next day before grabbing the Train back to Cairo that night and grabbing the morning flight to Bankok for some shopping before getting home a couple of days later.

We thank all the hope the people who have taken the time to read our blog and epscially those who left messages, we both had a blast of a time meeting all types of people and cultures and hope that our gibberish has made sense to you.
"Get out and travel its great"

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

66 hours of flying
11 countries
6 languages
73 different beds
82 taxi trips
most common other travellers met - all great
British, Dutch, Australians, NZ, Germans

Friends made, un - countable
Best regards to you all

Reece and Dave