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Davanna’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 18 Jul 2006

Location: Hull, UK

MapStill at home in the frantic prep' stage, hopin to get to the end of the "To Do list" by thurs 27 jul when we fly out with Marky Mark to Bulgaria wher we have 30 days to renovate our flat.
Panic points:

1. Our passports are still at the Indian Embassy awaiting visa processing. WILL THEY BE BACK IN TIME?????
2. If they are back in time will we manage to overcome language barriers etc in time to complete the work on the flat before our deadline of less than 30 days??
3. Will my guitar make it in one piece? THIS IS MAJOR PANIC POINT
From Jun this year Airline regs dictate that anythingover 22 inches long must go in the hold!! Having had guitars and cases smashed in the hold before I am a worried man!! To take my guitar on board from LHR to Mumbai would mean buying a seat for the guitar at a cost of.........................£550!!!! OUr tickets only cost £275 each and my guitar is barely worth that much!!!!

At this moment we have a large hole in the kitchen floor, boxes of Lord knows what all round the house and my head placed firmly up my a***!!

For the next exciting installment please watch this space and sympathise accordingly!!