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Davanna’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 16 Aug 2006

Location: Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

MapWell its been a long while coming but we ve just found some time to catch up with personal admin and stuff!! We're still in VT. Its a very very nice, a town with culture, great food n bars etc but due to the amount of work we have to do here we aint gonna get much time to enjoy it this time. Weather v hot with the occsional downpour (usually welcome) Have met a lot of expats and a few travellers but on th ewhole most Brits here have, like us , brought property here and are setting up new lives. Will posta more in depth report on our experiences once we get to India and have more time. Will hopefully be able to upload our photo's aswell. Right............. Moustache..........ciao for now!!

Good luck where ever you are

Dave & Anna