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netnpete’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Jul 2006

Location: Fulham, London, UK

MapNot a lot of travel happening..

All we have done is go to Leeds. That was a week and a half ago, bloody nightmare bus ride of 4 hours! On one of those double decker buses! We headed to Leeds just for a Saturday night to visit our housemate, Hayley's, family. It was a nice place, apparently the 2nd biggest city in the U.K (the largest being London of course!) Anyway, it was nice with lots of shops and pubs and clubs, and we had a great night out there. Then had to catch the double decker back to London again the next day.

*Stupid fact about Leeds-They built what they thought was an olympic sized swimming pool for training for the olympics years ago, but made it 3mm too short for the official olympic size!!

London has been experiencing its longest heatwave at the moment apparently, today it has reached 37 degrees celcius, it makes the tube unbearable!

So at the moment we are just living the normal working life, saving up money to go travelling somewhere, sometime soon!