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netnpete’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Jun 2006

Location: Soho, London, UK

MapWell life in London is interesting! Sharing a tiny hotel room in a hotel called the Regent Palace in Piccadilly Circus, right near the big screens! Bloody travel agent! Ha Ha!

We arrived in London on the 14th June, Hales and Glenno were at the airport to collect us, thank god cos I was sick as a dog, so all the way on the tube we had to get off every 2nd stop so I could run to the toilet!! It was interesting, especially for the other 3 who had to luft our luggage off and back on each time!!

The hotel is so dodgy, there is actually a stain on the wall where an egg has been thrown and shattered and they haven't bothered to clean it off! Funny as! We only booked it for 4 nights, but have had to extend it cos we haven't found a place to live yet!

So we have been caught up in the hype of the World Cup, there is an Irish bar in the Lobby of the hotel so we have been going down there to watch the games. Then we usually go out in soho afterwards! God its funny listening to Pete and Glenno pretend to be gay hanging with all the poofs in Soho!

It has been hard though house hunting with hangovers frequently. The best part is the weather is really warm, warmer than it was in Mauritius on the way here!

Well, hopefully we'll get a pad soon, so we can stop worrying about gcatching something in the hotel!