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Tuesday, 13 Jun 2006

Location: Flic En Flac, Mauritius

MapMauritius Baby!

Well we thought it'd be a good idea to stop over in Mauritius on the way to London, break up the journey and all that! Also wanted to catch some rays before getting to the U.K. Unfortunately the wetaher here hasn't been as warm as we hoped it was going to be. Averages of about 26 degrees celsius every day.

On arrival in MRU we had a transfer take us to The Klondike Hotel in Flic En Flac, which is on the west side of the island, also the most protected part. Well, 1st impressions of the hotel were pretty average, its a small place on the beach, pretty budget, but better than the hostel standard that we were looking at originally!
Anyways, our room was ok, a bit on the small side, but ok for what we wanted, although I did catch a maid raiding my suitcase!! Luckily all that was stolen was my hair straightening serum!! (Weird :))

Only 4 days in Mauritius so we wanted to make the most of it. We hired a driver to take us around the south side of the island on the 1st day - it is a beautiful place, rainforest, a dormant volcano and waterfalls. There was also some weird coloured sands that we got to visit.

Day 2 was a mung out day on the beach, which of course don't even compare to Perth. Sat around drinking cocktails by the pool, then went out fishing on a glass bottom boat, which felt a whole lot like cheating, cos you could watch your own line! So we managed to catch about 5 fish betweeen us, but gave them to the skipper and his mate, cos of course we couldn't cook them ourselves.

3rd Day we went for a scuba dive on what they called a wreck, but was actually a sunken tug boat, funny but not a bad dive, after I recovered from a little panic attack, we were down for about 40 mins. Funny diving with a dive master that speaks french and about 2 words of english!

After the dive we caught one of the local buses to the capital, Port Louis, pretty average there, caught some dude about to steal my back pack! Then went up to Grand Bae in the North, it was very pretty there, watched the 1st half of the Australia v Japan game, were really disappointed by the score, so thought we would catch a taxi back to the hotel, where we found out Aus had wooped Japs arse! Arghh!

The last day we went on a day trip to the East side of the island, crazy bloody taxi drivers love to overtake with oncoming traffic approaching! So our taxi took us to a place called Ile Deau Doce to catch a boat out to an island calle Ile De Maurice, which I'm sure is the place on all the postcards that make mauritius look awesome! It was amazing, we met a couple of poms there who were really nice, Toulla and Andy, so we hung out with them for the day. We went jetboating under a waterfall, went parasailing, then had a BBQ lunch on a beach with free beer. Of course we made the most of that! The the arvo was spent hanging on the beach, but by then it started raining, but being a tropical place it was still warmish.

So then we had the horror taxi ride back to Flic En Flac, and an early night cos we were knackered! The next day we flew out to London!