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netnpete’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 Aug 2006

Location: Fulham, London, UK

MapWell, still working and cruising round Fulham - we have found a local pub that plays AFL games so we are feeling right at home!! Loved the result from the Eagles v Crows game on the weekend - seeing as Pete is a Crows supporter and I love the Eagles - we thought it would be a good idea to put a wager on the game. Ha Ha!! Well after a massive 82 point win to the Eagles, Pete is now subjected to doing the household dishes for the entire week! Love it!!

We have a bank holiday weekend coming up on the 26th August so have decided to hire a campervan and drive down to the coast to Newquay so Pete can get a long awaited surf in. Don't know how good the surf will be or how cold the water will be - but I will have fun watching!

Also coming up, we have just booked £30 return flights to Dublin for the 14th September, so we are finally going to be getting around and checking out this lovely land!!

Well, thats all for today - will update when we have some more news! Oh yeah and it's my birthday coming up on the 1st September, so don't forget!! Ha!