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netnpete’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 Aug 2006

Location: Newquay, UK


Well, Update time about our trip to Newquay. We hired a Wicked Campervan - for those of you not familiar with Wicked Campers - they are an aussie company that get second hand mini vans and convert them to campervans - you may have seen them around in Oz - they are usually covered in grafitti. Well ours was a Toyota Torago fully converted with a bed - table and chairs and kitchen sink! And it had these great big grafitti pictures all over it of The Beatles. So needless to say - we got a lot of stares!

Anyway - back to the trip - Pete and I both got Friday off work and so we departed from London on our road trip at about 10am - New quay is about a 5 and a half hr drive from London - via Bristol and lots of lovely countryside. We arrived in Newquay at about 3:30pm. Of course we headed straight for the beach to check out the pretty dismal surf. It was pissing with rain when we got there - and its quite amusing to see they way the poms still like to act like its the height of summer, wandering around in their bikinis and sarongs! Meanwhile we were all rugged up - I even had a beanie on it was that cold!

We managed to find a carpark to park the camper for the night - they are all paid parking spots with signs everywhere that say NO OVERNIGHT SLEEPING - obviously they get a lot of campervans thru town. So we picked the safest looking carpark and settled in, got changed and headed out for the night.

Newquay is a nice little seaside town on the South West coast of The UK for those who don't know - it is apparently the surf capital of Britian! I would say the main thing I would think it should be known for is Hens and Stag weekends and Leavers. There were Drunk pommie yobs everywhere!! And the stags and hens nights weren't hard to pick out - they love to dress up!

So we manageed to find a great little pizza bar and had a great dinner then headed to the lovely Walkabout(aussie pub chain in England) This would have to be the biggest Walkabout bar I have ever seen and it overlooks the main beach in Newquay. Needless to say we had a big night! Then we got to wake up in the morning to a bloody parking ticket on the Van! £60 we didn't need to throw away!

The next 2 days were spent pretty much wandering round Newquay. Pete got out for a couple of surfs as the swell picked up - so he was very happy. And I got to watch the Poms pretend like it was a hot summers day!

On Sunday we decided to go for a drive further south to a place called St Ives. It is a beautiful little seaside village with windy streets and cobblestones everywhere. There was a surf competition on at the main beach so we watched that. While we were sitting in a carpark overlooking the beach we got to experience some real drama! A Coastguard chopper flew in over the beach really low and someone got lowered down, there must have been an injury or something because they then lowered a stretcher and put someone in it and then they both got lifted back up to the chopper and flew away. Very exciting!

After experiencing the highlights of St Ives we decided to head back to Newquay for the last night. Had another big one on the town. Then the weekend was over unfortunately - we drove back to London on Monday morning to avoid the Bank holiday weekend traffic. Another 5 and a half hr drive and we were back to home sweet home in Fulham!