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netnpete’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Sep 2006

Location: Fulham, England


Well my birthday started out pretty crappy - have had the flu for a week and this was the day my voice decided to take a holiday without me. Left work at 2pm due to the fact people got annoyed with me croaking down the phone to them!

Being as stubborn as I am, I decided the wise option of going home to bed and recuperating wouldn't be the done thing on a birthday - so headed to Camden to meet Pete. He had a National Insurance interview there, so met up with him and went for a wander - did a little shopping. Then headed home to Fulham to meet Hales and Glenn at our local corner pub, The Mitre. Had a few lovely cold Magners (Irish Cider) - the drink of choice at the moment. After chugging back a few there we all headed home to get changed then headed out in Fulham.

The bar of choice was a local hang out called The Elk Bar - met up with Mel and her boyfriend Rats (Some aussie mates I have made over here). We had all good intentions of going someweher nice for dinner, but decided against that and chose the liquid diet of more magners! The Elk seems to be the popular choice for the Kangaroo crowd that reside in Fulham. So theres no getting homesick with aussie accents left right and centre.

After the Elk we headed next door to a place where you don't have to yell as loud - helpful seeing as I had no voice left anyway! Managed to almost get in a fight with some chick after spilling her drink. But in general it was a blinder of a night and we got home at about 3:30am - or so they tell me - I can't really remember!

Needless to say Saturday was spent on the couch as my voice was down to a whisper by then. Off monday due to no voice still, but eventually back at work Tuesday albeit with a croaky voice. I'm sure the voice will return eventually!