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netnpete’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Nov 2006

Location: Fulham, UK


Well I haven't written much for a while - except the Movember thing - so this is just a general update of our lives since Dublin!.

Well, the weather has started to get quite cold now - averages of abou 9-14 degrees a day - we have started using the heaters at home most of the time now. And it gets dark usually by about 3-4ish in the afternoon which is a bit depressing. So to counteract the whole wintery weather setting in we have been going out a fair bit.

Pete and I went and saw the Port Adelaide vs Geelong AFL match that was held about a month ago at Brit Oval - It was great fun - aussies everywhere being yobbos! There were 2 streakers that ran out at different parts of the game - needless to say it was cold!!

Pete has managed to bump into some of his Warrnambool mates over here which has been good - we've been out with them a bit. And its always good to have more mates here.

I've also been entering a few competitions - and actually winning stuff as well! Nanna would be proud!

So I managed to win tickets to see Xavier Rudd at the Shepherds Bush Empire - that was great - really good venue as well. I also won tickets to the Ski and Snowboard Show - which was good and I picked up a pretty cheap snowboarding jacket for our trip.

Pete and I went to see The Living End and the Dropkick Murphys last Saturday at Carling Academy Brixton. That place is pretty amazing and it was a huge crowd as well.

We went to the Socceroos vs Ghana game at Loftus Rd Stadium in Shepherds Bush last week as well - that was pretty good - apart from it being a draw. It was funny to go to because the field was so tiny. We were lining up to get beers at half time and they ran out of all the beer in the stadium just as we got to the front of the line!! Geez they should have known with that many aussies there they would need more beer!

Then the following night we had the Wolfmother concert back at Brixton Academy. We went with Petes mates, Pete, Steph and Kirstin. It was a great night. I even won tickets to the after party - whcih we went to and had a few free drinks, but we didn't want to miss the last tube home so didn't have a massive one that night. Still felt a bit rough at work the next day though!

This past weekend we had a night out on Saturday with Mel and Rats - a couple that are going to Austria on the same trip as us. Then yesterday we had a BBQ in our little courtyard out the back which was very funny - we now have our old couches out there, because our landlord bought us new ones. After the BBQ Pete, Glenn and Andrew went to see Slayer at Brixton academy. I wont tell you all the gory details about that one but Pete did get a bit messy and fall asleep on the tube on his way home, luckily Glenn called his mobile and woke him up - otherwise he would have ended up at Heathrow!

We're all going on a Monopoly Pub Crawl this weekend - you basically visit a pub at every stop on the Monopoly board - starting at 10am on Saturday! Think the kidneys might be hating us then!

So, the other big news is that Pete is off to America and Canada on the 30th November. One of his mates from work was planning on doing it by himself so Pete has volunteered to go with him. He is very excited and will be visiting New York, Whistler and Las Vegas. So no doubt you will al hear about that when he gets back! Hopefully he wont break any limbs at Whistler so he is alright for Austria!

Well will be back with more updates later!