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netnpete’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 30 Nov 2006

Location: New York,Vancouver,Las Vegas, USA


(WELL!!) THE first spot on the list was New York, this place blew me away, the feeling you get when you've only ever seen this place in the movies for so long, then actually seeing it through your own eyes is awesome!
On arriving in Manhattan, caught up with my fellow wingman for the trip, RUSTY! We headed straight for the bar to clear the head of unwanted braincells, having only 4 short days here we decided to knuckle down, and see the sights briefly! So we headed to the Statue of Liberty, Rockafeller Centre and last of all World Trade Centre! The WTC took me off guard, it hits home when your standing there looking up and theres this massive void of where something should have been. Theres a museum dedicated to the people of 9/11 disaster and it really chokes you up ! Had to get out of there! Met some really awesome people in NY and am definately heading back, just dont forget to tip!!

This being the main reason for the trip ( fresh powder ya ) was to be our snowboarding trip to Whistler. This place is insane!! While most of Europe had no snow British Colombia had already had 600cm of snow at the start of the season! Amped! We first arrived in Vancouver staying there 2 nights hardly sleeping due to eagerness to try out the new boards.
Finally day 3 had dawned upon us taking the bus up to Whistler to spend 7 days of boarding! Between drinks n snowboarding, our bodies fully suffered at whistler, my organ donating days are over!!! Was hard to leave Whistler! Will beat ya down the mountain one day Ballbags


VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$
OH MY GOD!! Just when you think you've seen it all this was to be the final destination and the last Hoorah!! At this point of the trip my hip pocket was truly hurting but had to push on with the old faithful 3rd credit card!! Theres not a many a place where you cant stand without being near a money machine or table!! The bars even have built in pokies!! Lashing out we shacked up at MGM Grand, this Hotel/Casino has got a real Lion exhibit and Night Clubs among the acres of gambling tables on ground floor! VEGAS never shuts, its 24/7 and the best bit you are served free grog if you are gambling so we got pretty good at pretending to sit on the pokies untill the waitress got near, but trick is to stayed focused!! On leaving Las Vegas empty handed, I somehow still counted myself as winner having a ball over the past 3weeks!! Cant wait to go back!!
Would just like to THANK namely ANNETTE for letting me go!!
RUSTY for the memories!! Hope all is goin off for ya AUS!
An all other crew i met while over there for making it an awesome time!! RESPECT!!