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netnpete’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Jan 2007

Location: Fulham/Holborn, UK


Well just a quickie on the general life we're living in London. The wether in London so far this winter has been what they call 'mild' over here, which means average daily temps of about 8C - well to me thats cold. Anyways it's nothing compared to what we are starting to experience this week! We are having what I have repeatedly heard described as a 'cold snap', well thats what the weathermen call it. Well I don't care what they call it, I call it f***ing freezing!! So freezing in fact that I was woken this morning to Pete coming back in from outside to tell me that it snowed! Now I'm not just talking about a little bit of snow falling, I am talking about 3inches of ground cover! Apparently it actually snowed for 8hrs straight last night.

Now I don't really mind the snow, although I am a bit peeved that there was more snow from last night than the entire 1st week of our 'Snow holiday' in Austria!! Ah well, you gotta get over that fact, so the snow is exciting - everything looks pretty covered in white stuff and it's very festive. But then you have to deal with the Tube! Cos anything to do with the weather here affects the tube. For some reason their signals fail every time there is Rain, Snow, Sun, Leaves, Hail, sleet... you get my drift! Oh the fun of public transport in London! So while all u aussies are in Oz enjoying the beautiful summer we are dealing with having to wear 5 layers of clothing! Ah the joys!! And Pete is lucky enough to be working on a roof outside in this lovely weather!

Well thats my whinge and I've had it! Back to the fun, we had our first house party last Saturday night. Fun was had by all, we were all taught to play Beer Pong by the master Glazy, and that was pretty much the focus of the party. All in all we had a pretty good turnout and Shaun was back from his Contiki to enjoy it as well. The cleanup wasn't even that bad either and we didn't have any visits from the Cops, unlike the weekend before, but thats another story....

So the next big event will be Friday - Australia Day - should be good, we all have to work but then we're heading to a bar in Clapham thats broadcasting the Triple J Hottest100 countdown and serving aussie beers and food, can't wait!